Consulting Services

Better Dash Faster helps senior executives and organizations do things better and faster.
We have worked to streamline processes in government, non-profit, finance, insurance, manufacturing, and education.

Strategic Planning

Creating strategic plans focused on the ability to execute and measure results.

Our strategic planning approach is reflected in our name: better – faster. We have designed our process to gather key stakeholder, employee, and Department leader input while minimizing the time spent. Developing a successful plan can be relatively easy, but executing the plan is the hard part.

We help your organization develop the plan quickly, assign ownership, build accountability, and establish practical measures to track your progress.

Process Improvement

Removing waste and improving efficiencies based on LEAN Six Sigma practices.

In your organization, what drives you nuts?  What keeps you up at night?

In your organization:

  • Do things fall through the cracks?
  • Customers get different responses depending on who they go to?
  • You need to cut the response time in half?

The key is eliminating WASTE.  We can interview six people, collect data, and show you 10 ways you can streamline your processes. The typical project has a 360% Return On Investment (ROI).

Change and Project Management

Leading organizations through complex organizational change.

The people side of change is the hardest part of any project.  Getting people to embrace the new way of doing things is a formal Change Management process you need to walk every staff member through.  We help leaders navigate the people aspects of change.
Managing the dates, dollars and deliverables is the heart of all execution and success of project management.  We walk the fine line between “gettin’ stuff done” and over-burdening project teams with cumbersome, non-value added project management tasks.

Speaker | Trainer | Facilitator

Engaging people of five to five hundred by delivering activity based experiences.

In working closely with the Meeting Planner | Conference Manager, we develop content that aligns with the program’s goals and objectives.  Walter’s sessions receive positive feedback, based on his commitment to participant engagement and relevant content. His goal is to ensure participants not only enjoy their time in the session but leave with tools and resource they can apply the next day.

Topics & Presentations Include:

  • Performance Excellence
  • Process Management, Process Improvement, Project and Change Management
  • Metrics – KPI’s and Balanced Scorecard
  • Facilitation, Knowledge Management, Training and Development
  • Board Effectiveness

Let Better Dash Faster speaker or train your group.


Developing results and outcome measures for all services and deliverables

Better Dash Faster helps your organization develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s):

  • Tracking progress on your strategic plan
  • Results / outcomes of strategic plan initiatives
  • Other key measures for each Department to show their success
  • Success measure and Return on Investment for all initiatives and project

Let Better Dash Faster help you turn your data into dollars.